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Iowa State Bar CLE Outlines by Date

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””Search Tips””””””
2013””1031 Exchanges””Tax””Annual Meeting””David Brown
2013””ADR/Mediation””Mediation””Annual Meeting””Richard Calkins
2013””Case Law Update””Case Law Update””Criminal Law””Hon. Mary Tabor
2013””Case Law Update””Juvenile””Juvenile Law Seminar””Jerry Foxhoven
2013””Chapter 12””Bankruptcy””Annual Meeting””Donald Molstad
2013””Child Support Guidelines””Child Support””Annual Meeting””Hon. Anuradha Vaitheswaran, Thomas Langlas, Chad Kepros and Michael Alft
2013””EDMS Tips Panel””EDMS””Annual Meeting””Hon. Michael Moon, Kenneth Bosier and Tara Van brederode
2013””Education Equity””Juvenile””Juvenile Law Seminar””Brent Pattison, Nathan Kirstein, Thomas Mayes and Lynda O'Meara
2013””Ethical Billing in Criminal Defense””Ethics””Criminal Law””Samuel Langholz
2013””Federal Courts Jurisdiction and Venue Clarification Act of 2011””Federal Rules””Annual Meeting””Adam Tarr
2013””Grievance Process””Grievance Process””Criminal Law””Tre Critelli
2013””How to Have Your Client Removed from the Sex Offender Registry””Sex Offenses””Criminal Law””Andrew Boettgher, Gerald Feuerhelm and Anthony Tatman
2013””Insurance for the Practitioner””Insurance””Annual Meeting””Bruce Walker
2013””Intersection Between Juvenile Law and District Court Family Law””Intersection Between Juvenile Law and District Court Family Law””Juvenile Law Seminar””Barb Davis
2013””Lawyers Toolkit””Ethics””Annaul Meeting””CNA
2013””Order in the Court: Professionalism and Decorum””Professionalism and ethics””Annual Meeting””Hon. Cynthia Danielson, Hon. James Ellefson and Bridget Penick
2013””Refugees””Refugees””Criminal Law””Nikki Mordini and Dr. Mark Grey
2013””Representing Incarcerated Parents””Representing Incarcerated Parents””Juvenile Law Seminar””Prof. Jean Lawrence and Emily Briggs
2013””Safe Babies 0-3 Court ””Juvenile””Juvenile Law Seminar””Hon. Constance Cohen, Judy Norris, Lynn Poschner, Chuck Fuson and Andrea Vitzthum
2013””Substance Abuse and Mental Health””Substance Abuse””Criminal Law””Hugh Grady
2013””The Affordable Health Care Act””Health Law””Annual Meeting””Alice Helle
2013””The Affordable Health Care Act””Insurance””Annual Meeting””Alice Helle
2013””The Ethics of Deception””Ethics””Annual Meeting””Chantelle Smith
2013””Time Computation for Prisoners””Time Computation for Prisoners””Criminal Law””William Hill and Tamia Salviati
2013””Top Ten Tips from A Central ALJ””Administrative Law””Annual Meeting””Emily Gould Chafa
2013””Working with DHS-Pointers from the Other Side””Working with DHS-Pointers from the Other Side””Juvenile Seminar””Cory McClure, Tracy White and Mike McInroy
2012””A Discussion on the Use of, and Alternatives to Special Needs Trust in IOwa””Special Needs Trust””Annual Meeting””Gregory Kneyon
2012””A Quick Overview of The National Labor and Relations Act””Employment Law””Basic Labor and Employment Law””Stevenson Bogue
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